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7/11/2022:button was finally added!!! feel free to link us :D

6/29/2022:site was revamped into lullabye!! starbit is still hosted under the same url as before :)

6/2/2022:site was founded!!

hello and welcome!!! this is my little webbed site where i keep my shrines (aka infodump about my special interests), and where i keep my diary!!

im currently working on several shrines!! currently i have wip ones for gyaru fashion, neopets, early 2000s/2010s scemo, and menhera, and i have ones planned for halloween, the internet character moetron and vocaloid (or at the very least gumi and miku). i also have an isometric dollhouse in the works!!!

the buttons scrolling by on the bottom box are sites i like!! my favorite neocities sites atm are, and koinuko!!! my favorite non-neocities sites are silent devotion and mini room maker!! CR

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my header, footer, title image, and background are custom-made. they are not free for any use but my own. i do not consent to having any graphics taken off my site, NOR to having code copy-pasted from my website. i sit here and code all of this myself.
—if you want free code, go look up a layout or a free code site. i am not an html database. code your website yourself. if you REALLY need help, you can leave me a comment & ill do my best.